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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What To Do Without Books

I'm not happy with the local college to say the least. I mentioned yesterday I had to run and get books, hoping they were in since school started yesterday. Imagin my surprise when they were NOT in. Umm, what? Excuse me? WHY do I not have books? No explination. Great.

So last night I sat sorting through my three online classes, and realised something rather bad - each have homework due on Friday. Here I am without books still because of the fault of the college, and I have homework. Lovely!

The man at the campus bookstore didn't see the problem in this, stating most teachers don't do much of anything the first week. Plus I could always just email them and let them in on my problem. Surely they will understand.

Apparently he doesn't know MY teachers.

One teacher I can see already isn't going to be a problem. The class is statictics, which I don't think I'll have a problem in. I'm a number cruncher by nature, and analysing data is one of my specialties. No problem there.

The other two classes, Computer Network Literacy and COBOL, are taught by the same teacher. The teacher I had over the summer, and had several problems with. I sent her an email yesterday afternoon stating I didn't have my books yet, and what to do should I not be able to get the assignment done in time. Of course, no response back yet. I expect this from her, as she has little to do with her classes aside from the first welcome email stating we are pretty much on our own.

Honestly, I don't know what I'm suppose to do without books. I don't know when they will be in either. About all I can do is sit here and be mad about it, although that doesn't seem very productive either.


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