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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Too Many Apples!

I finally made the trip out to my mom's house today for some apples. Everyone has been bugging me to go out and get some, because the tree was so loaded with them. I've been dreading it, because I knew as soon as I did the demand for apple pie would begin.


I really do NOT like to make apple pie. It's not that I don't like to cook or that I don't like the pie...I'm just BURNED OUT on making it. It just takes so long to make, something like 45mins or so, then another hour to cook. If I make two at once it's only and extra 15 mins, so I might do that just to save some time. My mom has already asked if she could have a pie since she gave us the apples. Yeah ok, I *guess*. Grrrr.

Back when my mom owned the restaurant here in town, I use to make several pies a week. It sold and sold well - some even bought entire pies just for themselves! Plus any type of family function I was required to "bring that apple pie!". So yes, I'm VERY sick of making it.

I may see if I can get away with only making two or three this year, and trying out some other apple recipes. Baked apples are sure sounding good at this point.


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