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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Better Homes & Gardens is Way Off

At the dentist yesterday while I waited, I picked up a copy of October's Better Homes & Gardens. Usually this isn't a magazine I read on a regular basis, but it was the only thing even remotely interesting. Plus I spoted roast recipes on the front cover, and though they may give me some more ideas for the roast page on Idea Queen.

Before I even found the recipes, I noticed BHG has a "working at home" section. Alright, so this definately interested me and I had to stop and read. It had the same old "such and such was tired of commuting, so decided to work at home". Yeah yeah, nothing new there. We've heard a million of those stories. But still I'm thinking, there's soemthing of interest in this article. Wow I was wrong. It was all about how to "happily blend your home decorating with work at home decorating". I'm all for organization, but geees like I have time (or the money) to match my desk decorations with my couch. I realise BHG is all about decorating, so why is it they need to have a WAH section now? Is the demand for those wanting to decorate their home office that great?

I guess what I think is the most irritating is it doesn't show the REAL side of working at home. Maybe it's just me - I'm more interested in making sure my house is not completely trashed on a regular basis, let alone figure out if it's properly decorated.

Am I alone here?


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