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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Family Game for the Dinner Table


The other day I was browsing merchants for affiliate programs and came across this site. It didn't fit in to what I was working on at the time, but the site itself caught my attention on personal level. Just out of curiosity I checked out some of the products and found this one in particular called Dinner Games

Now how cute is this? There's a total of 51 quick and easy games to play right at the dinner table. Includes games like riddles, conversation starters, and more. Plus each card is laminated, so makes for easy clean up. Now that really caught my attention, because I did think "those cards won't last long at OUR table!", but then I saw they were laminated. PERFECT! They really thought of everything with this one.

The other neat part about this is all the cards come in a tin, so are perfect to take along for evenings out. I know we could always use something to keep the kids occupied when we go out to eat at a real restaurant. My oldest doesn't like to color, so it's hard finding things he can do that doesn't include dumping salt on the table or opening every packet of sugar.

So anyway, I'm off to go buy this for Christmas. I see it's out of stock right now, but another shipment is due in on Monday. I'm buying now so I'm first in line! So happy this makes the LAST Christmas present I need for the kids! Woo hoo!


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