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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Scrapbookers: Why Haven't You Joined?

Yesterday I announced the grand opening of The Scrapbooking Source. Today I'm bugging all you scrapbookers out there to join the boards!

The community forums are a great place to meet other scrapbookers, share ideas, and pick up some super deals and discounts on scrapbooking supplies. Yes that's right, I said discounts! As in free stuff, sales, cheap products. Can't pass that up, can you?

Join our scrapbooking community at:

Did I also mention we'll be having a contest just as soon as there's some chatter on the board? You know what that means, right? FREE SCRAPBOOK PRODUCTS! So get on over there and join already - we need members to hold fun contests!

Don't be shy, I know all of you scrapbookers breezing in from BlogExplosion have lots to say and share! ;)


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