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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Links Exchanges - Scrapbooking Site

Normally I don't do a whole lot of link exchanges, because I know my time is better spent pulling in quality incoming links instead of mass amounts of links stuffed on a link page. Although since this site is a niche and I was forced to put a "resource" page, I'm actually going to accept a few link exchanges.

Now don't get me wrong, I think link exchanges are an important part of marketing online. Although more important are the one way incoming links. The links you get without having to "exchange". I also put a focus on "main page" link exchanges, where there is real visability and traffic coming from the exchange.

So I decided, alright, this site DOES need some links coming in, even if it's on a link page. BUT! I made sure to give the option on the form to accept a main page exchange as well. I'm hoping to get an even response from both types of exchange.

If you have a craft site or scrapbooking site (blogs work too), please feel free to check out the details on our link exchange at:

Happy crafting!


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