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Monday, November 13, 2006

Work Continues on Scrapbooking Site

Whoever said you are never finished with a site couldn't be more right. I know this project will never be "finished", and right now it's not even close. Sure I got enough content up to officially open, but I'm still working hard on all those "little things" we sometimes forget about in the excitement. I tried to make sure I had everything in place, but I've missed some details.

I decided to go back through the SEO class I took several months ago, and it's been helpful once again. It's not that I don't know what's in the class (I've been doing SEO with my sites for several years), it's just the class helps me take a second look at things, and gives me a kick in the rear to do it right. For example, today I started working on the content of a specific page on the site. When I had gone through it before, I worked through the normal process of choosing a keyword phrase, checking keyword density, and word count. Although just before opening, I said "good enough" even though my word count was somewhat low. Today though, I went through the parts of the class dealing with writing content and really boosted that page. Not only does it look much better now, but it's going to serve as better search engine food. More words = more visitors. Perfect!

I'm still not quite done with that page though, and still in need of a few more main page link exchanges. Once those are done, I should have a much better word count on the page and it should be completely set (as far as "on the page" ranking goes). I still "off the page" work to do, which will never really be done. ;)


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