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Monday, October 30, 2006

SEO and Affiliate Marketing

I'm so excited that I'm almost finished with this new project. Well, I shouldn't say "finished", but rather I'm almost done with the site. I was so excited over the weekend that I couldn't keep away - I ended up getting the message boards totally up and running. A few tweeks and finishing touches were done this morning, but for the most part it was already completely ready to go.

I suppose I will let a bit more of this "mystery project" out. Or should I say, more of what's being done on the site. I'm using SEO techniques and affiliate marketing to build a site which will build itself after I do the initial work on it. What's even better is, I have two very wonderful moderators which will be taking care of much of the message board.

Need some help on your own affiliate marketing projects? I recommend checking out this particular message board:
Affiliate Marketing Forums - Revenue Source
In addition to affiliate marketing, they also cover topics on search engine optimization, so it's definately a good place to "hang out" if you are interested in learning how to build residual income sites. Excellent resource site and great place to ask some serious questions.

I happend to notice their message boards are fully optimized, which is a HUGE deal now with all search engines. Awesome to see they practice what they preach! It took me awhile to configure some mods, but I finally got my own boards on the new project optimized as well. There's only one thing bothering me a bit on my own boards. The posts are indeed showing as html instead of icky php, but not the name of the topic. I suppose it will do because it DOES show an html link, I just wish it went that extra step. Oh well right? The major SEO work is there, and I'm happy with that.

Now off to do some more work on this new site so I can actually LAUNCH it! :D


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