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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

The kiddos are anxiously awaiting to jump into their costumes and go begging for candy door to door. There's nothing out of the norm about their costumes, and I'm not very creative either when it comes to things like that. They are to young to REALLY choose some cool stuff, but I'm sure as the years go on they'll start coming up with more unique items.

My 6yr old son is going as a vampire this year. A little bit of frugal advice - the cape on a batman costume works PERFECT for a vampire. Save those capes! We picked up a bag of cheap fake vampire teeth, and the kid is in heaven. It's a good thing we picked up the bag of multiple teeth, since the pair that went to school this morning never returned.

The 4yr old little one is going as a fairy. She's still stuck in "I love princesses" mode, so we had to do something similar again this year. We found some wings at the dollar store and said "perfect". We know they won't last two days of normal play, which is fine because they are only needed for Halloween and only a buck.

Both of them will also be styling in glow in the dark fingernail polish and lip stick. It's a good thing my son is a vampire, because normally fingernail polish and lip stick on a boy isn't a good thing....unless of course his costume is dressing up as a girl.

Speaking of nails, I have to put the first coat on my own and my daughter's before it gets too late. We've only got about an hour and a half to eat supper and get dressed!


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