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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Attention Survivor Fans

Apparently our Survivor Contests have become quite popular and I guess you could say a bit of a tradition on the message boards.

And if you're a true Survivor fan, you're already aware that the new season starts on February 8th. (Woo Hoo!! I'm not just a Survivor Fan ... I'm a Survivor Addict!)

How's our contest work? It's simple.
- - - > Read the bios of each survivor.
- - - > Choose your favorite pick.
- - - > Donate a prize (usually around $5 - $10)

Usually the person who chooses the Survivor that wins gets all the prizes. However, some of us like to spice things up a bit by offering more than one prize for "other things". For example, Val is going to donate a prize for the poor soul who picks the Survivor that gets voted off first. We've had prizes donated to the person who picks the Survivor that wins the vehicle, the first Survivor that wins the individual immunity, the runner up, etc. etc.

So, here's your official invitation to join our Survivor Contest!
The more the merrier ...
But hurry, we've already started making our choices!

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