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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Quitting Smoking - Day 5

Working on day 5 here ....

It did get a little tougher. I was afraid of what might happen when I came home. In the hospital, I had no choice but to ignore the cravings (unless I just decided to go awol, lol). But now at home, I do have that option/ability of being able to just jump in my car and go get a pack of cigarettes. (But I haven't ... and I won't!)

Like I said, I had been on the patch in the hospital. And for those wondering ... the nicoderm patch does work (well at least for me anyway). Problem is, when they sent me home from the hospital, they also sent me home with $127 worth of prescriptions too!! So, let's add this up a bit ... no work for 2 weeks = no money coming in. Now, let's add another $127 for prescriptions (and that wasn't even getting them all filled) ... nope, no money left over to buy the patches now.

On a side note ... And I won't go crazy on these because I easily could ... but yeah, I'm going to mention it!! What has our country come to? That $127 that I'm having a hard time paying ... that's AFTER insurance has paid! And we have a semi-decent prescription plan!! So, how does one possibly survive without insurance? It's crazy!! I'd be praying every day I didn't get sick - or worse yet, that one of my kids didn't get sick!!

And ... what's up with the insurance company NOT paying for patches anyway? Yes, I know if I add up what I spend on cigarettes, it's going to save me a lot of money in the long run ... Just because I buy cigarettes, doesn't mean I buy them a couple cartons at a time. Sell me one patch at a time then?? So, the insurance company won't pay (or even help with) quitting agents ... they'll just wait until they have to pay for the oxygen tanks we lug around or more and longer hospital stays ... and unfortunately, kemo treatments???

Okay, off my soap box ... I didn't do too badly there.

So, back to my patch ... I did manage to be able to bring one patch home with me. I was holding off as long as possible to change to the new one (yeah, sucking every bit of nicotene out of there!) The new one was supposed to go on last evening. Last evening was a little rough. I couldn't stay out of the fridge or the pantry either Guess it's a good thing the doctors WANT me to put ON weight? Cause put me on steroids ... and quit smoking?? Oh yeah, I see some weight coming on, how bout you??

Anyway, I didn't put the patch back on last night. I got up this morning and I was okay for a while ... for a little while. Then it was starting to bug me a bit. So, I chewed a piece of nicorette. That does help, but for me in my opinion, it doesn't help as much as the patch and it doesn't last nearly as long. I finally gave in and changed the patches ... and yeah, it made a big difference. So, at least it's going to get me through one more day.

Put another check on my calendar. I really want to make this happen this time!


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