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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Are you exchanging links?

While I know I've said I'm not that crazy about link exchanges, it's still a necessary part of business. Most of the time I prefer main to main page link exchanges, instead of stuffing links on a "link page".

Regardless, I have started to offer the option for main or traditional. This has opened the doors for more possibilities and better traffic as well.

Now because link partnerships are an ongoing thing, I'm always looking for links. I do requests on groups too, but the response is usually minimal. When it's a good time for some, it's not for others. That's why I decided the best way to fix this problem was to set up a group specifically for link exchanges. It has a database of people who are always looking for link exchanges, who might not always see the messages come through on groups.

So if you are one that's always looking for quality exchanges, I highly suggest joining Mom's Link Exchange to find partners. Do note, this isn't a place to really chat. It's a place to get down to business and focus on our incoming links.



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