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Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow snow and more snow

Here we are in Iowa, sitting for much of the winter without snow. We even had temps well above freezing, and loving every bit of it. Well, the snow is finally here, and I think we now have enough to make up for the past several months.

Yesterday we got dumped on for the second time in a week, but luckily it was done by the afternoon and we all got dug out without much problem. Even still, my drive is starting to look like a tunnel. One wrong move while backing out, and I could find myself stuck. Wouldn't be the first time. *rolls eyes*

Since it stopped snowing early in the afternoon yesterday and everyone said the highways were fine, I didn't even think twice about getting my kids up and ready for school. When we got there, the place looked empty aside from a few cars that looked to be dropping people off. Luckily someone was nice enough to say "There's a 2 hour delay!". My reply....."For WHAT?" LOL. Seriously, it's not snowing and even the side roads (which are ALWAYS crap) are decent enough to drive on.

When I was a kid, it never mattered what the weather was. I lived in the country, and the school was out in the country too (no I'm not THAT old - it wasn't a country school or anything like that). Since we lived close to the big city, our school always went by what the city's school were doing (closing, delay, etc). Which was the STUPIDEST thing in the world! Most don't understand it can be perfect to drive in town, but country and highway can be total crap...even a day or two later! So there we were, forced to go to school while everyone else around us closed. It could still be snowing and we'd be standing out at the ends of our drives waiting for the bus. I can't tell you how many times we were late because the bus driver got stuck in the snow on a gravel road. Or we had to go pick up kids from another bus that got stuck somewhere. NEVER failed.

So this to me is just puzzling. The roads are fine! It's not snowing! There's only 2 schools in our school district, and I know damn well both towns AND the highway between them are just fine. What gives here? Kids today have it too easy.....


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