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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I'm Scared

I was working today on the new idea I had last week, and realized something.

I'm scared.

Why? Because it's something new.....something I've never done before. Something I have to approach in a professional manner or fall flat on my face. Something I know I'm good at and love to do, but have stiff competition for. Very professional, established, experienced competition. I have experience, but not near as much as the others.

Should I say "Nevermind - I'm not good enough"?

Hell no! I'm scared yes, but that's a good thing. Exciting even. I know where my flaws are, and also know I need to absorb as much information as possible before I officially start. I know what my niche in the market is, and who my "average client" will be. I know my rates will be based on my experience/talent, and have no doubt it's a GOOD price (not high, not low). I know what disclaimers I'll need, and a general idea of what the website needs to look like.

To make up for what I lack, I just ordered a few books off Amazon. I'm also reading other articles as I research today. Which, much to my surprise, I'm sitting here nodding my head because I already KNOW the majority of the info I'm seeing - how cool is THAT?!.

My test client is all set, and I'm more than ready to get going on this. Being scared only tells me this project (service actually) is worth starting. Today has been mostly research which will continue tomorrow (while one kid at least will be in school - HURRAY!!!!!), but I'll be ready to launch soon. This month even, if all goes well.

Wish me luck? ;)


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