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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Trees

I finally got everything wrapped last night. I was so proud of myself, and the tree looked half way decent with presents all the way around it. I love giving gifts, so I loved seeing all the nicely wrapped packages all sitting under the tree. As much as I complain this time of year, I was pretty please last night and feeling a bit of the "holiday cheer". That is, until one thought hit me.

I have to take that damn tree down next week. *sigh*

Here I was thinking how easy the fake tree was going to be this year, but I guess I forgot about that tiny detail of having to put it away. I'm starting to think it would have been easier to get the real tree after all I went through trying to get this one up. What's easier than dragging a half-dead tree to the curb? The pine needles would have been a mess though, so I guess maybe not.

I'm just not looking forward to taking that tree down piece by piece. Then there's the added bonus of finding somewhere to store it. I may just return it to who I borrowed it from, but chances are they aren't going to want it back. Like I really need anything else in my garage, but I suppose this is one those things we just have to have, eh?


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