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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Pains of Christmas

So it may not be a big secrete - I really don't care for Christmas. I'm not the holly jolly type who loves to pull everything out the day before Thanksgiving, or listen to Christmas music. No offense to those that do - I'm glad you've found a season which makes you happy. That's just not me.

Most can trace my hatred for Christmas back to when I was in high school, and I lost a very, very close friend just days before. Going to a friend's funeral at 15 the day before Christmas tends to leave an emotional scare for years. This year marks 10 years since that day, so that doesn't make it any easier. Oops, did I just give out my age? You didn't hear that....

Now I really do try to get into the mood, and it's been better since my kids are getting older. They put me more in the spirit, and I've grown to absolutely LOVE shopping for them. I tend to get more excited than they do when it comes time to open. I'm a total push-over when they say "can we open one NOW?". I just can't wait to see their face when they see what I got them. It makes me feel good to see them so happy.

Even still, if the memories of my friend wasn't bad enough this time of year, Christmas has it's own set of major pains to deal with. We FINALLY got the tree up yesterday. I attempted to get it up Sunday, but it just wasn't happening. I'm so glad I nixed the idea of a real tree this year, because there's just NO WAY this single mom was going to get a real tree standing straight with the help of a 4 and 6 yr old. The fake tree I borrowed from my grandparents, who haven't used it for years. What's the point? We all gather here now, since it's just way easier that way.

But even the fake tree gave me major problems. It's an older tree so I don't know if it ever had it's own stand, but let me tell you this - fake trees and real tree stands DO NOT MIX. After several hours and several blisters later, I left the tree leaning against the wall cursing it several times. Luckily yesterday I found a stand that fit (on the first try even, woo hoo! Thank you standard size fake tree stand!), so the tree is now standing without wires or nails. Of course, only half the lights work, but who gives a ****. *grin* I tried them before they went on the tree and they were fine. Never fails, does it?

Then last night I was setting my alarm clock, and happen to catch somebody talking about "how stressful the holidays are". My immediate reaction was oh buddy, you don't even know the half of it. You want stressful holidays? Try owning a business! I guarantee your "holiday stress" will triple. Christmas for us started in October, and hasn't stopped yet. Just as things are slowing down, it's now time for all the family crap. We haven't made our traditional Christmas decorations yet, and there's two Christmas programs to go to this week. I haven't even started wrapping presents, and there's still sewing projects I need to finish up because they are gifts. Cookies for neighbors and friends? Oh yeah right, that's going to happen. NOT!

So anyway, don't mind me if you see me muttering "bah humbug". If you love Christmas, just ignore me. I'm getting better, but I still really don't like the season.


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