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Saturday, January 06, 2007

You Can't Get There ...

You can't get there if you don't know where you want to go!!!

Val Selby
Busy Momma Wellness

Boy, did she say a mouthful or what? Val started a great topic on our message boards ... I made it a sticky and we're all going to keep after it ALL YEAR LONG. Some rambling thoughts for the new year ....

I'm getting to the point where I want to have just a couple of websites and that's it. I "cleaned house" not too long ago and sold a handful of things sitting around that I didn't have much time to work on like I should. It's time to do that again but I only have a couple left that I want to re-evaluate.

I want to start writing more again. I enjoy it so much but just haven't had the time (or should I say haven't taken the time) to do it.

This year I'm going to start automating a lot more things. I guess I was always afraid of loosing that "personal touch" but there are so many things that I am doing by hand that really shouldn't need to be without loosing that personal touch.

Along with automating things, I'm also going to start outsourcing some other work so I can concentrate on the things I want to do.

(Please forgive me as I ramble along ... I've been sick all this week but I'm also not sleeping so I've have had lots of time to think, lol. Time to get it down so I can come back!!)

MommysHelperOnline.com has grown so big, the traffic has been great, my adsense and advertising income has been better than ever. Soooo, stop building more sites and let the really good one I have grow, right?

Side Note: Not that there is anything wrong with building a bunch of sites!! Please don't get that impression. I personally don't have the time that I used to. I get all these great ideas but don't have the time to promote as I should.

And that side note brings me to another thought. I'm never going to give up building more websites. I have way too many ideas and enjoy web design too much to not do anything with that ... so, I'll probably continue building more but selling (Nice little addition to my income.)

I need to start working on one project at a time. This is so hard for me because when I have an idea ... I have to go with it NOW. Then I end up with a whole bunch of little projects started with nothing finished!!

Perfect examples ...

I wanted to revamp my Direct Sales Company Directory and I did. For the most part it IS done. There are a few minor things I want to change BUT, I'm still sitting here doing everything myself (even though I have a VA ready and willing) simply because I haven't taken the time to finish the little stuff OR build my renewal page. And you know what? I bet if I actually sat down and just DID it ... It might take me an hour or so to finish?!? I started this back in November.

I have a great idea for a free ebook to write. LOL till I'm done, I probably SHOULD be charging for it however, I feel pretty confident that the viral effect will go into full force here and there are quite a few affiliate links within the book. Guess when I started this? Back in September!!

So after that long ramble ... Organization, Focus, Automation and Outsourcing is HIGH on my list for 2007!!

Who's next? I'd love to hear your goals for the New Year!
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