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Monday, February 19, 2007

Stop the ride I want off!

OMG. Seriously just omg. I would like to say since the last post on this blog that things have slowed down a bit. Unfortunately it seems things have gotten a tad more crazy. I won't go into details because they are a tad personal, but let's just say it's drama I'm far too old for.

I'm trying so very hard to keep a hold on my Think Big Challenge. Even with everything flying at me from every direction, I like to think I've been doing a pretty good job with it. I've don't at least something every day, so that's saying something. So far with the challenge I've accomplished the following:

- Updated Recipes For Mom (yes I still have that site! It's been awhile!)
- Added new e-cookbooks to Idea Queen
- Updated recipe pages on Idea Queen to provide a one-click purchase to the e-cookbooks.
- Added a brand new section on Idea Queen with another new ebook to match it.

Yeah that list looks pretty pathetic for more than 2 weeks. Although you know, I wouldn't have gotten even half of it done if not for the kick in the rear from Becky's workshop. Even still, I really wish things would stop spinning. This week has it's own set of distractions, as one of my closest friends is moving in down the street from me. Since she is my best friend, I'll of course be helping her move. Thankfully most of this will be done at night, and I'll have my days to work.

Either way, I'm tired of the all the personal drama. Stop the ride, I want OFF! If things go back to mundane and routine, I'll be ever so grateful!


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