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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ready for some free advertising?

I've got a new site up and running, and I'm ready to do some serious promotion work on it. I've already started to pour work into marketing, so you will be reaping the benefits tomorrow if you hook up with me today.

Remember this site is brand new and does not have a PR yet. It also doesn't have traffic because I just finished it today. However, I've got a lot of promotion planned this week so you could be driving a whole lot of traffic to your site by jumping in on this brand new. ;) Plus it's about to be linked to one of my main sites, Idea Queen.

First off, please be aware I'm looking for those with sites that offer craft supplies for kids, children's products, or other sites targeted directly to kids or crafts. You can see the site here:
Crafty Kids Weekly

For the newsletter itself, here's what I need:

- Craft or activity articles
These will be published in the newsletter. I'm going to be searching article directories for a lot of these articles, but I can always use more. Plus I'd rather feature an article by someone from this list. Your byline will of course be in the newsletter.
Contact me with "Craft Article" in the subject line.

- Subscription thank you page exchanges
Your link on the "thank you" page after my subscribers subscribe, and vise versa. If it's a craft newseltter, that's ok. I don't mind them being subscribed to multiple craft idea newsletters! Other newsletters with a target to families is alright too (such as frugal newsletters, family tips, etc...I would prefer no wahm newsletters though, as my target isn't moms in business but moms in general).
Contact me with "Subscriber Link Exchange" in the subject line.

For the site I need:

- General Link Exchanges
Pretty simple, just link exchanges. The site MUST be targeted to children or crafts. Please use this form so I can keep them separate from everything else:

- Link Partner Exchange
A little more advanced, and must be a lot more targeted. Also, I require a link on your home page. Your link will actually be in my navigation, but the site is small. So I'm not requiring a link in your navigation....just on the home page near the top of the page. I'll only be accepting 3 or 4 of these. Your site must be craft supplies or resources, or related to kids crafts in a direct way. No general sites.
Contact me with "Link Partner" in the subject line.

For the ebook I need:

- Craft Ideas & Activities
Those who submit crafts will have their link published in the book itself, as well as on a public page thanking you for your contributions. This is free advertising for you for your craft or activity! Must be crafts for kids and must be unique. I want to get the ebook finished by early next week, so I'm closing submission after Friday. If you have a craft you'd like to submit, please do so at:

*WHEW* That's about it. Lots of ways for you to cash in on the flood of traffic this site is about to get. ;)


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