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Monday, February 26, 2007

One Week To Go

Here it is, the last week of the Think Big Challenge. I've come a long way and got quite a bit done, despite the loads of distractions and problems that hit me along the way. I'm amazed I added a whole new HALF of Idea Queen.....one that features the e-Cookbooks and the family-related ebooks. 17 Ebooks total have been added to this new part, and I'm hoping to at least double that this week. Which means I need to get busy!

I'm excited to have found all these ebooks....they really are interesting ebooks. Of course I had to dig through a lot of crap to find the diamonds, but it's been worth it. The ones listed really are of good value.

I read each of them personally and wow.....talk about some major improvements around here. I especially liked Organize Your Home and Money Saving Ideas. I picked up a tip from that ebook that's now saving me $20+ a month! It doesn't seem like much, but if you think about it....that's $240 a year. I can't wait to apply some of the other tips and see how much I can save. ;)

Looking forward to adding more of these cool ebooks to the list!


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