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Monday, July 19, 2004

Mom's Market Updated

Not a real big update, but I did manage to find time today to "touch up" the home page on Mom's Market. Ah, so much work to be done and I just don't know WHEN to do it all! I spent  quite a bit of time on some message boards and just doing some general searching, and realised I need to make some changes to my shops where my affiliate programs are. I think if I could take a little time to work on that, it would make a huge difference in my income. At the same time though I'm very anxious to get started on another website idea of mine and would like to be working on it tomorrow if I can.
I realise I'm going to have to do a major search for recipes, not only for my new website idea but for the ezine too. I have some very old family recipes comming my way, so I may see if I can get them touched up and use them. That way I wouldn't need to find so many (believe me, I have a HUGE list, and I'm no where NEAR done with what I plan to do with that new site!).
Well let's see, aside from Mom's Market still needing updates and me wanting to get that new website started, I noticed another website that needed my attention over the weekend. Oh yeah, just what I needed! Well ok, no biggie - I can do this. May have to put it off until next month though. Surely it won't take me too long to do, even though I basically have to take down the entire site and re-do the entire thing. Really, I WILL get it done! I'm shooting for this week too. It's just going to take a little organizing and I *think* I can manage to get 1 site updated, 1 site re-built, and 1 brand new one build. I imagin if I can just keep rolling I can manage everything.
Off to make out a full "To-do" list for tomorrow!


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