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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Mom's Market gone from Yahoo

Well I'm just a little bit upset. Every page of Mom's Market that was indexed in Yahoo's search results are now gone. Why? Well, I'm not sure. From what I've been seeing at places like WebProWorld and SEO Chat, Yahoo still has some major glitches. I've also been seeing that others have seen the same thing happen to their websites. Just completely dissapearing, then reappearing a few days or weeks later. Some were mentioning it could be Yahoo filtering out affiliate pages, but that doesn't make much sense since that's only half of Mom's Market. Not to mention one of my sites that is ALL affiliate links is still sitting at #1 for it's keyword phrase in Yahoo when Google dropped it in the last big update months ago (My theory was because I had done far to many link exchanges and not enough one way links - therefor Google "punished" it because it looked like I was trying to increase my rankings just by doing a bunch of link exchanges - maybe they were right, and I now know not to do that again!).

Anyway, I'm watching closely and just praying this is a glitch, and they haven't dropped it completely. I did contact Yahoo support in hopes of a reply, and hoping for a reply that will give me some information.

While Yahoo only accounts for maybe a 1/4 or so of my traffic, they accounted for 80% or more of my online sales. Deffinately not good to have dissapeared - I'm in serious trouble right now. I knew better than to put all my eggs in one basket, but I really was trying to diversify more (thus the reason for working so hard on Soy Wax Candles and RecipesForMom.com), it's just I didn't get things done in time before Yahoo nailed me.

*sigh* So much for that vacation - I can't walk away with this mess right now. :(


  • At 12:42 PM, Blogger Alice said…

    Yikes! Bummer...I notice that Yahoo only has about a 1/3 of IBMoms pages that Google did..but I'm not sure if it's a change or it's always been that way.

    I don't believe that Yahoo would filter out your entire site for affiliate links when many of your pages have content. I hope you'll get back in soon.


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