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Sunday, August 07, 2005

About the caffiene discovery...

Since I'm running out of things to talk about why not tell this story. It's mildly amusing so what the heck.

So I wander into the kitchen, frantically searching for a hidden Vanilla Coke. Much to my dismay, I found even my emergency pop gone.

Ok, so I scan the kitchen for another option. I see coffee on top the microwave (which I hate coffee), and could it be - YES! Pepsi still in a pack on the floor. While not coke, this will do I think, and I reach in to grab one. On closer inspection I see that evil tan bar..oh yes, it was CAFFEINE FREE! UGH! So I start to put the pop back because YEAH that's going to help, and see that in my hand is not a worthless Pepsi, but rather a MOUNTAIN DEW! Looks like my other half had his own stash of pop. I said WOO HOO!

He spots me with his pop and says "Hey, that's my stash!". *Evil look from me* I reply with "You are going to DENY me of this NOW?"

I see the fear in his eyes, and the threat of dealing with a cranky me for the next few hours.

"Can we share it?" He says. *Hissing from me* "But.... it was.... mine.....and....OK you can have it!".


I may have forgot to mention, I get a little goofy when I'm tired. If Anita was here, there would probably be talk of Rum & Coke or Strawberry Wine at this point.

Wow it's been so long since I've had Mountain Dew, this thing tasts kinda wierd.


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