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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Are you superstitious?

Okay, first of all...is that a crazy word or what? Superstitious. Say that over and over 10 times straight, lol! (Funny the thoughts that go through your head when you're so bored!)

I decided to surf a bit this morning for something to do and I came across a post on one of my favorite message boards about superstitions. I think we do some of these without even thinking! Here's a few that were listed there...

I salute magpies and count them.

I throw salt if its spilled.

If I break a mirror I have someone else look into it so I don't get 7 years bad luck.

My mother law makes you go out the same door you came in.

If a black cat crossing me in the road secretly and when no one is watching I "X" it out with my finger.

If I'm walking with someone and we split a pole, I cross my fingers and say "bread and butter". (What does that mean??)

If I say something has never happened and I don't want it to happen I knock on wood 3 times! (I do that, but I knock on wood and only say it once. Maybe I've been doing it wrong all this time?? LOL)

Will not try on another womans wedding ring, bad bad bad luck!

Hold your breathe and point your finger towards the roof in your car when you are driving over a bridge. (Never heard of this one before)

My silly x has horse shoes on the back of all his moviing trucks. (I think I might recommend this to hubby!)

I won't walk under a ladder or step on cracks. (I wouldn't walk under a latter anyway, lol. And stepping on cracks...I remember doing this on purpose when I was a kid!)

She once told me not to let a dog lick you in the face because your children would come out looking like a dog. (Well I can say for sure this isn't true, lol!)

She also insisted on putting a dime in my shoe when I got married. Supposedly it brings happiness to the marrige.

I knock on the roof of the car if I go through a red light so that I won't be pulled over. (Again, I think I'll mention this to hubby!)

I never put shoes on the table.

I always put money in a purse when I give a one as a gift so that person always has money. (Never heard this before either, but I'll be sure to thank hubby for me being broke all the time and I better put some money in that purse I just bought my daughter for her birthday!)

More coming later!
I wanna see what else I can find. What superstitions do you have? Geesh, not only is that hard to say...it's also hard to spell!

Anita :)


  • At 7:39 AM, Blogger June said…

    We only have a few more. Good job and keep up the good work. ^_^


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