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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Maybe I'm not done yet

I do not believe Anita is awake yet, and I would hate for us to fall behind here. I'm sure she will be here shortly, but just in case I'll make another post. Right now I'm not doing much of anything interesting other than playing some games and reading more stories on that website. She has some rather interesting things there, but I'm not sure it's interesting to those that do not play our game.

She does have some nice pictures to go along with her website, and actually I did think of adding something like that to my site. Not sure yet how large I will make this though, but if I find a picture or two that I think will fit I just might add them. Might give the story a nice touch.

Alright I'm done boring you all for now. I'm sure half of those reading this do not need any help falling asleep!


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