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Sunday, August 07, 2005

More Superstitions...

I will not pick up a penny if it is heads down. (I've watched my daughter pick up pennies and drop them over and over again till it lands heads up.)

If I step on a person's shoe in front of me, I X their back. (Never heard this one.)

If I remove an eye-lash from my face or someone else's, I make a wish and touch something blue. (I've never done this but have heard of it. All except the touching something blue.)

Never put money on the bed. (Hmmm...hubby often empties his pockets on the bed after work. See, I knew EVERYTHING was hubby's fault!)

Never gift someone a scarf. (Never heard this one before.)

Never gift someone anything sharp like knives or scissors. (Nor this one either.)

During the first night of a full moon, empty your purse completely. Take it outside and shake it in the moonlight and ask for it to be filled up. (Aha! That's the secret! Remember, you heard it here!)

When I was a kid, my grandmother told me that you should never completely dress one foot before the other. So you should always do sock, sock, shoe, shoe -- NEVER sock, shoe, sock, shoe, or else you'll have bad luck all that day.

if your right palm itches, you'll get money. (My mom taught me that and to this day I still say, oooh, must have money coming! I think it's just more wishful thinking!)

If you nose itches one of three things will happen: 1 you will kiss a fool; 2 you will get into a fight; 3 you're going to sneeze. (Unfortunately I usually DO kiss a fool whether my nose is ichy or not...Shh! Don't tell hubby!)

Bad things happen in threes. (I'm living proof! That's my life. LOL)

Lift your feet of the car floor when you drove over railroad tracks. (I remember doing this when I was a kid, way before I even know what a superstition was.)

When we were little we used to hold our breathe when going by a cemetary so the spirits don't get in. (Never heard that one before.)

If you sing at the table the black crow will come get you.

Don't split a pole. (There it is again, can someone please explain this to me??)

Don't hang anything on doorknobs. (See it was just doomed at the honeymoon.)

Foot itches, you are going to walk on new ground. (My feet are always itchy. Especially when they're inside the shoe and I can't get to it, lol!)

Nose itches, someone is talking about you. (I've heard if your ears are ringing.)

If clasp of necklace is in front turn it around while making a wish. (Never heard that one.)

When I can't find something I say "Saint Anthony, I've lost _____ and need to find it" Stop looking for it and in a short period of time it will turn up. (This will come in handy!)

Anita :)


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