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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Latest on the Books

Just when it seemed I had finally got everything in order for my online classes, we hit another roadblock. After picking up my books yesterday, I got right to work on homework, starting on COBOL first since I knew it was going to be the worst. Which, by the way, I did get my third book. Apparently the same class was being offered at the Newton campus with the same book, so they had it in their bookstore all along. Good to know!

After getting one class finished last night, I sat down to read the first chapter in another. Something wasn't matching up with the teacher's syllabus, so I recheck the book title with the one we're suppose to have. Wouldn't you know it - wrong book. Again, no fault of mine since Newton campus ordered the books based on my class registration numbers printed directly from the office. It was actually Ankeny's fault because they switched classes and sent out the wrong books. The one I've got is being used by another Statistics teacher online this semester. Apparently that class got our books, and we got their's.

So now I've got to make another trip to Newton in the morning, and hope they have my book. You'd better believe I'm calling and making them check first. I'm so hopping mad right now it's not even funny. First they sit on the books and don't even send them out until after class has started, then they send the wrong book. I understand accidents happen, but this is a college for crying out loud. Online classes are suppose to eleminate the need for driving to classes for those of us who can't make it to a campus as easy. Also, they are suppose to be setting an example for students in the business world, which so far I've seen a very poor job of. If this was a product they were selling, I'm guessing the customer would have already demanded a refund. Delayed shipping on top of the wrong product - definately an uphappy customer.

A lesson in business - double check and check again to make sure your customers are getting what they ordered in the time frame promised.


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