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Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm Addicted to Etsy

Every once in awhile I put something up there, but haven't really sold all that much. Over the weekend I peeked in at my Etsy listings, and to check out some of the other listings. All I have to say is WOW - that site has REALLY taken off. What started as an eBay alternative for crafters has turned into a really awesome site. I flipped through tons of seller just to see how well they are all doing, and it's absolutely amazing.

Seeing how well the site has taken off, I did some research. I spent some time at their message boards, looked at other auctions (especially candles), and paid close attention to prices and products. The handy thing about etsy is you can SEE what's been sold. Price, title, description and all. VERY good information for learning how to sell better!

I did a little work on my own "shop", and decided I was going to make Etsy not just a place where I put specials. Instead I've been posting individual candles on a daily basis, one scent at a time. THAT'S what sells and all it takes - just one scent to catch the eye of someone and take a closer look. Of course, a good title is always a plus. ;)

It didn't take but maybe one day, and there I had a sale! Awesome! It's the first of many I hope, and I'm busy adding a few here and there every day. I've also had two other contacts ask questions, so I'm definately sticking around for awhile.

Don't think I'm done working on Idea Queen though. Oh no, not even close! I've still got my eye on that site, and will be working on it daily. Today hasn't been good for much, because I spent the day in the city. Tomorrow though - well that's a new day! With absolutely no kids in the morning, it's sure to start out good. ;)

Before I go, I have to urge you all to check out my shop at Etsy. There are some awesome listings and a few discounts there, so go NOW! *Grin*


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