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Monday, December 11, 2006

Tool to Track Adsense!

Woo Hoo! Thank you Lynn Terry for pointing me in the direction of yet another a great tool! And the shocker is the price! If you've been reading our blog for very long, you probably already know that I tend to dislike the "next new guru product" - and only for $97! LOL (NO, that's not even near the price).

Okay, I wasn't even going to tell you the price, I was going to make you go see for yourself (leaving it up to you real go-getters) but I can't help it. A tool to track your Google Adsense (by simply installing it to your hosting) for only $9.99! *GRIN*

And before I go on about the tool itself ... I have to mention this too. Not only do you get the tool but, you also get into the closed affiliate program. What does closed affiliate program mean? It means you can't even get in until you try the product yourself. I *love* that idea. That means, you're not reading a recommendation from someone who hasn't even tried the product, you're reading a recommendation of someone who has actually tried it! That itself to me was well worth the price.

Oh, and I almost forgot ... one more note about that affiliate program. Guess what you earn? You earn 100% on each sale! So, this means, you'll get your money back when you recommend this to just one person!

Sooooo, what's so great about AdSpyTracker? (Besides the price, lol!) I honestly couldn't do justice telling you myself everything this tool has to offer ... so see what Matt Callen, the creator has to say:

= = >The EXACT keyword search terms that are drawing your visitors to any of your webpages.

= = >The actual efficiency of every AdSense Ad on ANY of your webpages!

= = >The precise AdSense Ads that are being clicked most frequently on your site. This secret information is kept behind closed doors if you try to get it directly from Google.

= = >The exact pages that your AdSense Ads are being clicked on. Don't hassle with creating dozens and dozens of channels in your AdSense account. Put one small snippet of code onto your site and Viola!

= = >Your Unique Visitor Ratio by grabbing each person's IP address. Track your visitors and learn your demographics that bring in the most clicks! A great way to prevent click-fraud.

= = >The precise hour of the day you are getting the most clicks... in REAL TIME! Now you can instantly respond to your stats without having to wait on Google's lag-time.

= = >The actual Ad Formats that are bringing you the most clicks. You can quickly test and track which size and color formats, AdUnits, and AdLinks drop the most cash into your account!

= = >The click-through rate for EACH and EVERY page so you know which content is producing the most hits!

= = >No More Lousy Guesswork! You don't have to make guesses about which domains your ads are viewed on, which pages they are clicked on, and more importantly which ads are actually clicked! Leave the guesswork to the newbie publishers!

= = >Precisely how to boost your supporting content and target your Google search terms for AdSense. With AdSpyTracker you'll be able to do it all...Bring in hauls of cash and loads of targeted traffic by tracking your AdUnits, AdLinks, and AdSense for Search!

= = >And Much More...

I have been working hard to increase my Adsense income lately so AdSpyTracker is pretty much an answer to my prayers ... and AdSpyTracker helps some much that I don't have to work as hard on it! No more guessing for me *GRIN*

Let me know what you think!!


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