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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
Please don't forget my Yugioh Cards this year. I know I had to come back to you a second time at Walmart to remind you. But that was because last year you forgot them. I know you told me that there were a lot of things to remember and sometimes Santa forgets a thing or two. And I know your elf told me that the best thing to do was to remind my mommy and daddy over and over again so they can remind you but I thought I'd write anyway. Why did you give my mommy that funny look when I said you forgot them last year?

Please don't forget them this year. I gave my mommy a hard time even writing my Christmas list this year because I told her you probably wouldn't bring what I wanted anyway. I want other things too but I REALLY want those Yugiho Cards.



True story folks! Although yes, the letter is made up ... I thought that'd be a cute way to tell my story, lol. But OMG - I was just more than a little embarrassed when he said that. After we were there the first time he INSISTED that he HAD to go back because he forgot to tell him something and if he didn't he wouldn't bring it.

Well, after already KNOWING about the Yugiho cards I figured I'd better take him back because he has something in his head he "needs" and if Santa don't come through this year ... he may never trust him again, lol!

But the whole ... giving me a hard time with the Christmas list ... true again! He just said, it don't matter mom ... he won't bring what I want anyway!

Am I going to give him EVERYTHING on his? Probably not. But I will try and make sure those "important needs" are there this year!! LOL!

The worst part of all of this ... I don't even remember him ASKING for Yugiho cards in the first place!! LOL


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