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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I Love Productive Days

Don't you just love those days when everything seems to go along smoothly, and one by one all the items on your To-do list disappear? Today is one of those days. While I'm starting to feel a bit tired (thank the kids for passing along their cold to me), things are still getting checked off. I feel good!

Despite the fact I almost had a major crises on my hands this morning, WAHM-Articles has been successfully handed over to someone else. Blame it on the fact I was trying to get the kids ready for school, or that I haven't had any cappuccino in days (because of the cold).....regardless, I changed the database password without even thinking it was going to cause problems. Now I'm no script expert, but this one I should have known. For a php script to work right, it's got to access the database. When you set up something like a directory or message board, you set it up with the password. Well DUH when I changed the password the site couldn't find the database, thus casing one big error. I would have been in a panic either way, but more so since the site was officially sold and we had money in hand. CRAP!!!! Talk about total panic....because I had to rush the kids off to school before I could fix it, I didn't even notice my 6yr old had walked out the door with only a jacket on instead of his winter coat. Nice mom, real nice.

So after I fixed the site complete with the new password (which wasn't as big of deal as I thought), I moved on to the next item on my list. A quiz for one of my classes. 98%, woo hoo! Go me! Only one more next Tuesday, and that class is in the bag. Add those credits towards my degree, hurray!

Once I finished my short happy dance and gave myself praise for the awesome grade, I moved on to the scrapbooking site which I've been working on non-stop for the last month and a half. While I've already officially launched the site, I'm still adding new pages. More specifically, product information pages. This has been somewhat of a challenge because I'm not exactly a scrapbooking expert. The pages are still lacking some content, but they are getting there. Once I get a handful up, I'll most likely go back and work through them, increasing their search engine rankings. I believe I've done a good job with them as of right now, but they still need more content. Either way, I was happy to get another new page done today. It might seem odd to do a Christmas page this late, but with this particular market I think the real sales are going to come at the end of December into early January, and possibly all year round.

The last item on my list is more class work, which I'm dreading. The program is due on Thursday and it appears to be close to done. I say "appears" because while the program is written and only has a few errors which need fixed, it might be a whole different story once I try to actually run it. I've been through this before - it compiles and looks fantastic, then I spend several hours trying to get it to do what it's suppose to do. It does feel good to know I'm at least this far on it though, with a few more days left to turn it in.

The final class I have work to do in still is Statistics, and that I'm REALLY not looking forward to. I thought this class was going to be decent, but it's driving me absolutely crazy. I hate it. I don't want to deal with it any more! Next week is the final, and at this point I'm just hoping I pass. :(

Well I suppose, off I go to get homework done and finish up my list!


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