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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lemon or Lime?

Jello that is ...

Apparently Jello is a staple for every lunch and every dinner in the hospital. And this is okay ... I don't mind jello. Actually, I rather like it. But, does it really have to be just lemon or lime? I mean those have to be the lamest flavors of all! How about some cherry or orange?

Now don't get me wrong ... I AM eating it, ROFL. And every other single bit of food they bring in front of me. Is this hospital food some great food that you'll find in a 5 star restaraunt. Hardly, but it can fool me! See, I'm also on some high doses of steroids (no pills here ... nope, we stick it right through the IV ... much quicker response that way!) So now, I've now aquired this bottomless pit called a stomach. I had some chicken for lunch and let's just say those bones were bare! ROFL! I'm starting to get embarrassed because for the most part I am not really that big of an eater but this is getting ridiculous!

So, I guess I really shouldn't complain too much about the lemon or lime jello and just be happy it's one more item on my tray, right?


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