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Thursday, April 05, 2007

$7 Secrets

Anita made a post about this a few weeks ago, but I felt the need to bring it up again. Mostly because I finally found the topic for my $7 report, and I'm pretty excited about.

If you haven't heard of "$7 Secrets", let me give you the non-guru version: Basically the idea behind it is to create a report to sell for $7. Sound simple enough? Oh trust me, it is. My report was written in about 2 hours today. Think for a minute if I sell 20 copies...that's comes out to be $70/hour I make from one single report. I'm confident I'd sell that many, and you know why?

Because the price is low.

Let's face it, work at home moms usually don't have the highest budget for high ticket items. Anita and I have known this for years, which is why you almost never see up promoting anything over $50 (and most of the time things we promote are in the $10-20 range). Moms have more important things to spend their money on, and can't always justify spending hundreds on the "latest and greatest" marketing materials. However, $7 is something everyone can afford. You get paid for your time, and buyers get a product they know is worth more than what they spent.

Alright so maybe you don't exactly know how to write a good enough report even to sell for $7. Many of us don't. However, that's where Write That Report comes in handy. It's written by the same author as $7 secrets. I picked this $7 report up from Lynn Terry just last night, and I'm pleased with the step by step information. Not to mention it only cost me a few bucks and will make me much more.

There's more to the $7 Secrets system though. From a wahm who rarely buys in to the guru crap, I'm here to say it's worth a second look. The basic idea behind it is original, and the income potential is amazing. What's better is I can still focus on my current projects while using this system. You know me, I don't hype things up. So I highly suggest you check this all out.

P.S. I won't specifically tell you WHY, but I *highly* suggest picking up "Write That Report" first before you buy $7 Secrets. Trust me, you'll be glad you did. ;)



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