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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Link Exchanges & Promotion

Still working on RecipesForMom.com and adding new ebooks (just added Coffee Lovers Recipes and currently working on one for Chocolate Lovers). More importantly I'm needing to do quite a bit of link exchanges and submit to a few directories. After thinking about it last night I'm going to have to spend a week on promotions. That will include seeking out link exchanges, submitting some recipes to newsletters that are requesting them, submitting to directories, and writing another article. I figure if I start out actively seeking link exchanges (not just posting that I'm looking to exchange links - I did that already and well, the resonse was very minimal), I'm going to stumble on directories, places to submit recipes, and other ways to advertise.

Although my first choice for links and advertising is going to be text links, I realise I'm going to have to have some buttons and banners on hand just in case. So that should probably be the first thing I do before I start seeking link exchanges.

I've wondered if I should have done these link exchanges as I finished up each site. But then I think, no I think waiting until I was finished with all the sites was a good idea since all my sites are so different. This way when I seek out link exchanges the chances of one of my sites matching one I want to exchange links with are greater since my websites are all different.

It's deffinately true what they say - you are never done with a website!


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