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Friday, July 23, 2004

Soy Wax Candles DONE

Yes! FINALLY DONE! Well, for now anyway. I'm in serious need of some link exchanges for all my websites, so just as soon as I'm done with the next one I'm off to make some exchange requests on a few groups that have a high response rate. I'm just so excited (and exhausted) now that I've finally got the revamp of that website finished. I also had that site accepted to Froogle (Google's shopping directory project), and got my files uploaded so hopefully that makes a huge difference in my search engine rankings. I don't know much about Froogle since I've always delt with affiliate programs, so we will see. (The candles are not via affiliate programs, I'm a wholeseller for Kovacs Creation and she does dropshipping - I've sold those candles mostly locally for well over a year now so about time I paid a little more attention to that website).

While it's after 8pm and I really should get off the computer, I'm just too antsy to work on the new recipe project. I purchased some recipes with resale rights on eBay, and plan on using them in various ways (exact details will be announced when I get closer to having the website and future websites finished).

I still have work to do with Mom's Market, but oh I'm getting SO sick of changing those pages it's not even funny anymore. Even still I know it has to be done and it's going to be worth it in the long run.

Looks like work on the hobby site has been postponed most definately. *sigh* Oh well.

Well I still want to get some more work done, but right now I need to spend a little time with my daughter before she goes to bed. ;)



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