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Friday, July 23, 2004

Thank Heavens for Blogs!

Well, I've definitely found a new resource with this blog.  Not only can I keep all my visitors up to date, but also I can keep myself up to date and on track.  It seems like everyday I have something new going on and I'm having a hard time keeping up!  Without this blog I couldn't possibly keep everyone posted on what's going on around here.  The ezine used to take care of that but, geesh...everything changes from day to day...not week to week.  So, today I have lots to say! ;)
This afternoon Kara and I will be hosting a chat on Affiliate Marketing at the Home Business Seminar at 5:00 EST.  And I must admit I feel as though I'm only about half prepared so today this will and has to be my main priority.  Usually Kara and I host chats on Online Parties and kind of just go with the flow instead of bombarding our listeners with a long boring seminar where we do all the talking.  It keeps it much more fun and our guests leave with thier own questions answered.  We felt as though with a topic such as Affiliate Marketing that procedure wasn't going to work as well.  We decided we needed a bit of an outline to go from.  Almost done with that...
I'm so excited about our Back To School Celebration and have been busily preparing but forms of advertising and promoting I just haven't gotten around to nearly as much as I'd like :(  We recieved our banner yesterday and at the very least I will get it on my website today.  This event is going to be HUGE and so much fun. I can't wait for it get  here!
Thanks to Alice Seba of InternetBasedMoms.com I was able to add a nifty little tool that I'm loving both as a publisher AND a reader of many other blogs.  This little tool is called a RSS Feeder.  RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and simple just isn't the word to describe this!  It's better than simple!  It's even made my life a little simpler.  By clicking on the little "add to MyYahoo!" button on the right here, you can have and updates right on your own MyYahoo! page.  Now, I can go to MyYahoo! page and have a quick run down of all my favorite blogs I've been watching.  You can set your preferences of just having the title of each blog entry or a quick little intro of what each blog entry is.  Let's just say I'm loving having all those blogs on one page for a quick review.  Try it, I think you'll enjoy it too ;) (Thanks Alice!)
AND I've saved the best for last!  I recieved and interesting email yesterday that made me both extremely excited and scared to death all at once.  Really, I mean it...as I read the email I literally felt all color drain from my face.  Kelly of WahmTalkRadio had invited me to be a guest with Alice of InternetBasedMoms.com and talk about our blogs!!  Ugh!  I didn't know whether to jump for joy or hide in a corner!!  Why?  Well, for one as anyone would be I was ecstatic of the thought of being on Internet Radio BUT...speaking?!?  Me...We're not talking about hiding behind an email or instant messenger.  Actual live (well, almost live) speaking.  I've never been in any situation of speaking like this before.  Luckily, the email had mentioned that this was pre-recorded (Ahhh..pre-recorded, with the luxury of editing)  Sooo, with much encouragement from Kara (Thanks Kara!) I replied with a yes.  And thanks to both Kelly and Alice it really wasn't that bad at all...actually it was quite enjoyable.  It was really nice to speak with the both of them beforehand on a more personal basis.  Sooo...be sure to tune in next week at WahmTalkRadio!  (Thank you Kelly for inviting me!)
Till later...


  • At 12:51 PM, Blogger Alice said…

    I enjoyed speaking to you yesterday, Anita...it was great. :)

    I love this Add to My Yahoo thing too. I checked my Yahoo page and that's why I'm here on your blog now. It's a great way to keepin touch.

    Good luck, Anita and Kara, on your chat.


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