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Monday, July 26, 2004

New Project

I love to keep busy, and I love to juggle things in my life. Doesn't mean it's GOOD for me, but that's a different story.......

I've decided to start a new project, one that Anita is still very much a part of but really is "my" project. I went head first into it, snooping around last week for recipes and doing the SEO research on it, then buying the domain names Friday night. I was still working over the weekend against my own rules, but I didn't care. I had an idea, and I was running with it! Plus I kept telling myself that since I'm now helping my mom at the restaurant 2 days a week until school starts I won't have as much time online. Ummmm, really it's not much different than the days I was going to Walmart (which has now been moved to Saturday), but heh, it was an excuse to work!

So anyway, this weekend I got one full ebook finished (really it was just formatting, so it didn't take THAT long - I was just "half way" working over the weekend anyway), and started in on two of the websites that are going to be attached to this project. The big one and a side one. They really will be working together, actually. The way I have it planned out in my head is like this:

1. Visitors will be brought in from the small site, which will have *a few* free recipes. On the website will be an option to buy an ebook with a TON of recipes. This is of course a niche market, not just recipes in general. The niche is "To Be Announced" here. Don't want to give any secretes yet!

2. When the visitor does buy the ebook they are taken to the big site, which has the niche ebook related to the first website, plus will have other recipe ebooks and other recipe/cooking related items.

3.  When the recipes are printed from the ebooks, the logo for the big site will be on every page, thus driving more visitors to that big site to buy more ebooks.

I've already got all the recipes I need to make quite a few niche ebooks, and most likely more mini sites to pull in visitors. (I haven't done ALL the research on the other markets, just the first mini site). I figure I will only need a few mini sites to generate a desirable amount of visitors to the major site and sell a good amount of ebooks, along with other items. ;)

Well now, I've shared quite a bit of information here. Hopefully not too much - wouldn't want someone running off with my idea!



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