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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Mom's Market Shops - Looonnng way to go

Well the goal of today was to swap out links and do some general updating for 3 of the mini-shops at Mom's Market Shops. Eh, after several exhasting hours I managed to get one done. We will see tomorrow and Thursday if the changes made today made a good enough empact to swap out more.
The reason for swaping out links was because I noticed something yesterday. Amazon, which carries many of the same products as Nick.com, converts better. I took a good look at my total click throughs, and then at number of products ordered. Wouldn't you know Amazon contributes to twice as many sales as Nick.com when compairing clicks to sales. I have a pretty good idea why too. There's several reasons. One, Amazon carries more products. That's a pretty obvious one. Ok, even still if someone is looking for a specific product, other products don't always catch their attention. But! Two, Nick.com is CONSTANTLY out of stock of popular items, and have a very ugly "product currently out of stock" page, with no "sugestions" for other products that are similar (partially due to not having near as many similar products as Amazon). Last but not least, Amazon has a nifty option - "Quick-Click"(TM Amazon) buying links I can add to my pages. Perfect. I did a little figuring last night and found that those links have a higher convertion rate than just product links. Hmmmmm ok, good to know!
Now the down side of Amazon is if it isn't a direct purchase (meaning they click on my link, then add the product to their shopping cart) I only receive 5% of the sale instead of Nick.com's 6%. Then again when you see twice as many products sold and direct purchases paying 7.5% this makes up for it, since a good majority of my purchase are direct purchases anyway! Not only that, but Amazon pays very nice bonuses for top earners. Granted it takes quite a few items to be shipped before bonuses kick in, but when they do it's well worth it.
So let's see, Amazon - twice as many products sold at higher commission - works for me!
Aside from getting at least one section updated (something like 8 or 9 pages), I got the main article done for tomorrow's issue of the Ezine . Although I had to stop halfway through to take the kiddos outside. Waaay too hot today NOT to go swimming, plus they are talking rain the rest of the week. Today might have been our only day out! Sooooo anyway, after playing outside then comming in for supper I had to of course finish the article, which is why I'm sitting here at 7:30pm. It's been a productive day though and the kids & I had our together time so I feel good (just really tired!).
Just crossing my fingers we can survive the heat tonight - the AC is low on freon yet again (I've been positive there is a leak somewhere, since we have lived not even 5 years and this will be the 3rd time we've had to charge it - last time being early last summer), so it's not keeping the house as cool as it should and working over time just to keep it under 80. I shouldn't complain, it's not too bad in here right at the moment but if it doesn't cool down soon it could be a really terrible night. At least it's cooler in here than outside, and with a little luck the repair man will be here tomorrow to slap me with a multi-hundred dollar repair bill after it's finished. Beats suffering the heat I suppose, but wow not exactly an expence I was expecting this month. Darn, just when I thought that credit card was going to be paid off this month........*sigh*
Well, now it's bath time so I had better scoot!


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