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Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I think every day I sit here and think "boy I've got nothing done today", when in fact I have and just don't realise it. I think if I haven't accomplished alot of things, then it seems like it was a waisted day. Why is that I wonder? Why do we not give ourselves a pat on the back for doing things so simple as getting through our email or writing a single article? That's doing something isn't it? It's productive right? So let me give myself a pat on the back for the small things I accomplished today:

- Checked business email account
- Sent out one special to my "Specials and Discounts" newsletter list.
- Sent out Business Ezine with the help of Anita of course. We added some new features too which I'm pleased with.
- Posted a new product to the newest blog, Shopping for Toddlers
- Surfed and read some blogs on BlogExplosion (so much fun, I love reading blogs!)
- Wrote half of a post in this blog (well, by the time this is read will be a full post of course!)

I think every now and again we need to take a minute and see what exactly it is we do every day. It's amazing how much we DO get done, even when it seems like we haven't done much. I think we also need to take a step back and see how each task moves us closer to our goals. If it doesn't, well then I think we shouldn't be doing those tasks in the first place. Obviously just checking email probably wouldn't, but reading newsletters, answering questions, etc is productive. It's learning, and keeping a good standing with visitors, customers, readers, etc.

Looking at what I've done today, I do believe that each are doing something that earns me money or will earn me money. Sending out specials and posting to my shopping blog are of course direct ways to make money. I'm making an offer to readers, and giving them the opportunity to buy. They buy, I make money. Basic business of course. Surfing and reading blogs serves two purposes - the reading part is learning and/or entertainment (hey we all need breaks!), and the surfing earns me credits and gets my own blog read. While those that read the blog may not earn me money right away, subscribing might eventually. Plus of course there's the chance of being recommended, so yes it's definately productive.

All and all I belive I've had a productive day full of accomplishments, don't you?


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